För axelbearbetning med dubbla eller trippla verktygsrevolvrar


  • THE productive turning solution for bar machining

  • Bar capacity 42 or 65 mm

  • Integrated robot-automation available for chucking operations

  • Real reduction of cycle time by simultaneous operations with three turrets (Triplex)

  • Two Y-axis (Triplex Version)

  • Each turret can work on both spindles -> lowest cycle-time

  • Usefull for complex turning and milling applications from bar material

  • For small, medium and large batch production

  • Quick and direct programming at the machine by conversational programming

  • Highly dynamic

  • High productivity

  • With affordable price for German technology

Mechanical engineering

  • Turret 1: X/Y/Z

  • Turret 2: X/Z

  • Turret 3: X/Y/Z

  • Free chip-flow

  • Full casting machine body with three-point base

  • Perfect covers for guideways

  • Live tools and C-axis as standard

  • Two full Y-axis in turret 1 and 3 fully integrated in machine design

  • Integrated motor spindles, liquid cooled

  • Interated SPINNER anti-vibration system to increase cutting performance

  • Permanent three tool simultaneously cutting

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