Ultra precisions svarvar för micro & hårdsvarvning.


  • Microturning in sub µm-range

  • Hardturning > 60 HRC to replace grinding operations

  • Most precise spindles for roundness of turned surfaces down to 0,1 µm

  • Slides positioning repeatability less than 0,4 µm

  • High accuracy process reliability

  • Small batches in toolroom-applications and prototyping

  • Mass-production with automation

  • most compact machines in terms of floor-space

  • Wide range of standardized auto-loading available by robots or special made solutions according to customers wörkpieces.

Mechanical engineering

  • Precision hardened and ground sliding guideways

  • 0,1 µm resolution linear scales integrated into slides

  • Special optimized ball-screws "ETA-PLUS"

  • Ultra precision spindle bearings

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