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  • Large panoramic window to the workspace

  • With or without 33-tools magazine or 72-tools magazine

  • Optional B-axis with milling spindle

  • Chip conveyor as standard

  • Latest control system: Siemens 840D with Spinner Touch panel 4.0

  • High precision motor spindle ”made by Spinner” of various sizes

  • Easy access of automation

  • Tool holder according to to BMT45 as Standard

  • Direct measuring system for all axes

  • With affordable price for German technology

Mechanical engineering

  • Our MICROTURN-L Ultra-Precision Turn-Mill-Center is a submicron precsion lathe to produce highest level of workpieces by linear tooling. The super-precision built-in turning spindle moving in X/Z-axis is the heard of the precision repeatability for reaching closest tolerances. In working there is a gang-type fixed table to wear fixed precision turning tools for submicron turning as well as optional acessories such as grinding spindles, deap-hole drilling devices or grippers for simple Automation.

  • All linear and rotative axis with linear scales.

  • There is no machine on the market of similar precision, made in Germany in our Sauerlach-Munich Factory.

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